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Moving Materials

In moving there are basic moving materials and additional materials that you cannot ignore. The basic moving materials are obvious but the additional materials are needed to ensure efficiency and secure packing which people often ignores. These additional materials becomes necesary when you are moving a 3+ bedroom house or apartment.

Basic moving materials

  1. Boxes and more boxes
    There are 3 basic moving boxes that people should have:
    Small/ Medium (18x12x12): Easy-to-lift small boxes are ideal for heavy items such as books, tools, CD's or record albums. Ideal for Kitchen items (Pots, Pans etc.), toys and other misc items. 
    Medium (18x18x18): Ideal for Kitchen items (Pots, Pans etc.), toys and other misc items. Also Ideal for lightweight, bulky items such as lampshades, stereo speakers, electronic equipment, stuffed animals or clothing, pillow, blanket, towel etc. This is the most versatile box.

    Moving boxes
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  2. Tapes: 2" wide
    You need tapes to tightly seal the boxes to ensure stuffs won't fall off during the move. Simply knot the boxes will not sufficient to hold the boxes together.

    Carton sealing moving tapes
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  3. Bubble Wraps: 12" wide, 3/16 height
    Bubble wraps is usefull to wraps fragile items like china, dishes, glasses etc. Bubble wraps can also be used as void fill to ensure that the items inside the boxes are tightly packed and will not move or rub against each others. Another excellent wrapper and void fill is newsprint as we can see later below.

    Bubble wraps

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 Necessary additional materials

  1. Newsprint
    People often use newsprint can in similar fashion to bubble wrap, but what make your fragile item packing more effective is if you use the newsprint in conjuction with bubble wraps. Items that are fragile should be wrapped first with the bubble wrap. If you have multiple items that are similar wrap them up together with the newsprint after first wrapping the individual item with the bubble wrap. Newsprint is then used as the void fill in between the item or empty spaces to ensure tightness.

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  2. Stretch Film
    Instead of using tape which stick to your furniture or other valuable item and cause damage, stretch film will not stick. It is strong and ideal for binding, bundling, and fastening when moving, storing and shipping.

    Stretch film

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  3. Wardrobe Box
    Wardrobe box make it possible to ship or store clothing without removing from their hangers. This is the most efficient and effective way to move your jacket, coat or clothes that do not want to fold in suitcases or boxes.

    Wardrobe box
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  4. Tape Dispenser
    You cannot ignore this, this will make your life easier to seal and close boxes or other items that need to be sealed.

    Tape dispenser

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  5. Dish Box
    As the name suggested, this box is especially made to pack your dishes, chinas or other fragile items. It usually made out of heavy duty, double walled corrugated box. The box usually come with a partition/ divider to better protect the individual items.

    Dish pack box
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  6. Picture Frame Box
  7. Tall/ Lamp Box

    Tall lamp box

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