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Moving Timeline Checklist

Two Months Before a Move:
  • Get estimates from movers
  • Collect boxes
  • Select mover and go over all details of the move
  • Begin packing little-used items
  • Go through your house to find unwanted items
  • Notify correspondents of move
  • Have a yard sale or donate items to a charity
  • Plan menus to use up food in the cupboards
  • Arrange air travel for family, if necessary

One Month Before a Move:
  • Begin packing
  • Notify post office of change of address
  • Notify utility companies of change in account or disconnections
  • Notify newspaper of address change or stoppage
  • Collect important papers and medical records
  • Make any reservations for lodging

Two Weeks Before a Move:
  • Check car; have any necessary repairs done
  • Renew or transfer prescriptions

The Week of a Move:
  • Transfer or close bank accounts if moving long distance
  • Obtain traveler's checks, if needed
  • Defrost refrigerator
  • Tag furniture to identify its location in the new home
  • Prepare survival kit so the family can get along if the moving company is late

The Day of a Move:
  • Strip beds
  • Disconnect all appliances




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