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Different Box Styles

Box Styles
Regular Slotted Carton (RSC)

box f Also called shipping boxes, RSCs are the most commonly used boxes. They are usually kraft brown in color, have four flaps on the top and bottom and the side walls are sealed at one corner known as the "Manufacturer's Joint." This design is highly functional for most packing applications.

Multiple-Depth Carton (MDC)

box g The same box design as an RSC, but with horizontal scores (creases) at selected depths along all four side walls. This feature gives you depth flexibility when packing a box. A Multiple-Depth Carton can be several boxes in one.

Half Slotted Carton (HSC)

box h A variation of the RSC, the Half Slotted Carton has only one set of flaps. The opposite side of the box is completely open, allowing it to slide over an item. Envision the use of the box turned over so that the flaps are on the top. The covered item is usually attached to a pallet or other type of surface that serves as a separate bottom.

Full Overlap Slotted Carton (FOL)

box i With a Full Overlap Slotted Carton, all "length" flaps are also equal to the width of the box. The flaps actually fold over one another to provide added strength and protection to the top and bottom.

Five-Panel Folder (FPF)

box j A Five-Panel Folder actually resembles a shallow-depth box when assembled. It is a one-piece box with an over-lapping top and over-lapping end panels. The functional design is also economical.

Snap-Bottom Carton (SBC)

box k Available with tuck-in top or with RSC-style top flaps (shown). Also referred to as an "auto bottom" box. The bottom of the box snaps into place without tape for quick assembly. Best suited for light-weight products.

Full Telescope Design Carton (FTD)

box l A two-piece box with a separate lid that fits over a bottom tray.

Half Telescope Design Carton (HTD)

box m Two half-slotted cartons with one box slightly smaller to enable it to be inserted into the other box. Offers the ability to adjust the height or length of the box to fit your needs. Especially suitable for large, heavy items. For depth flexibility with smaller items, visit the "Multiple-Depth" box section of this web site.

Two-Piece Carton With Separate Lid (CSL)

box n Die-cut box with open top and tray-style lid. Similar to a File Storage Box, but without the hand holes on either end. See "File Storage Boxes" section of this Web Site if you are looking for a box to store paper files.

Double Cover Carton (DC)

box o This style of box is frequently used for tall or large, heavy items. A three-piece box, the Double Cover Carton is constructed of a four-panel tube that serves as the side panels and two interchangeable trays that serve as the top and bottom of the box.

One-Piece Folder (OPF)

box p Commonly called, "Bookfolds" or Bookwraps," the One Piece Folder has a flat bottom with two short flaps forming the sides at each end and two longer, wider flaps that form the front, back and top of the box. The wider flaps either meet or overlap on the top, depending on the depth of the contents. The four panels of a Bookfold are usually scored (creased) at multiple depths. One-Piece Folders are used to package shallow depth items such as books and pictures. Usually manufactured with white board.

Mailer-Style Boxes (MSB)

A one-piece die-cut box that is assembled without tape. Construction includes double-layer protection on the sides and bottom of the box. Available in two popular styles - with a tuck-in top or with a locking cover, also known as a "cherry lock" design. (See illustrations) Mailer-Style Boxes are exceptionally strong and can withstand the most rigorous treatment during shipment.

box q1
Tuck-In Top
box q2
Locking Cover
Bin Boxes (BB)

box r Another one piece die cut box that can be assembled without tape or glue. Often referred to as shelf boxes for parts and other small items, Bin Boxes have an open top to allow you to see and reach inside. Measured by width, length and depth. These long, narrow boxes can significantly increase storage space. Available in multiple widths and in four different lengths.

Divider Bins (DB)

box s

Divider Bins are smaller, open top boxes. They are usually used in conjunction with Bin Boxes to create multiple compartments within a Bin Box.

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